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Everything About Investment Management

AI Driven Investment Strategies

We build quantitative models leading to profitable investment strategies using machine learning technology.

We specialize in distilling fundamental research inside machine learning models. Over the years, we have built a mature machine learning pipeline which has been battle-tested in various asset classes and markets. Our pipeline is also highly customizable, which makes integrating newly developed investment signals and research ideas extremely easy.

We specialize in risk management of AI-driven investment strategies. We apply product operation methods to our daily investment activities. We design policies and procedures to oversee all aspects of both financial and non-financial risks including Market and Liquidity Risk, Counterparty Risk, Model Risk, Operational Risk, and Technology Risk.


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Mature Machine learning Pipeline

Our experts have decades of experience building highly complicated AI systems for Portfolio Management, Computer Vision and NLP. For a long time, we have made it our mission to simplify the integration of fundamental knowledge and quantitative methods, especially in the financial fields.

The result is a superb product: a highly versatile and customizable machine learning pipeline based on supervised and reinforcement learning technologies. We have successfully used this pipeline to develop investment strategies managing millions dollars of assets. The achieved results and development efficiency are outstanding.


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Products in Stealth

We are expanding rapidly. We are currently focused on the wholesale electricity markets in the USA. However, we are moving above and beyond these markets and cultivating new product ideas in related domains.

We adopt similar AI-driven Product Engineering methods in these expansions. We are seeing tremendous potentials of AI and machine learning technology in these domains. We have several products in stealth mode and are eager to share with our potential partners, investors and clients.

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